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Welcome to our store! Here we stock all major manufacturers for every type of firearm and archery platform available including suppressors and class III weaponry! Come by and browse our firearms at our store front. All of our handguns are separated by caliber for your convenience and all rifles and shotguns are displayed on our wall.

At Hoover Tactical Firearms we believe that you should be able to purchase a firearm that you know you'll love which is why we offer our Firearm Test Drive Program! If you find a model that you like we can set you up with a demo of it on our range.

"You may not know if you love a firearm in the first
10 shots but you sure will know if you hate it!"


*Hoover Tactical Firearms is a FFL/SOT and is capable of all NFA transfers.
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Along with all of the firearms and weaponry available to you at Hoover Tactical Firearms we also carry every accessory you could ever need. We carry everything from ammunition to cleaning supplies, holsters to shoulder slings and cases to coolers!

We have a full section of optics for every firearm platform and we also carry laser sights for your favorite handgun as well!

Are you building your own custom AR platform and looking for a local shop that has what you need? Look no further! We carry all the major parts and accessories to serve your custom build and cannot wait to meet you and share in your enthusiasm for your build!

Now that you have purchased your new firearm it is time to start getting what you need to take care of it today! Check out our firearm-cleaning section that carries everything you will every need to properly clean and care for your firearm and keep it cycling like new!

And don't forget to check out our cases and safes to keep your investment protected. We carry Winchester safes and many other hard/soft cases for single or multiple firearms to help you protect your firearms on the way to and from our indoor range! And take a look at all of our holsters and belts for protecting of your firearm while you carry too!
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Not only do we sell firearms, we also service and can sight them in for you too! And not only do we service them, we can customize them for you as well!

We offer a full service gunsmithing shop that can customize
any of your firearms and their accessories!

No matter what, if it shoots something,
we guarantee we will exceed your
expectations in servicing it or customizing it today!

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We have a full conference room available for corporate events, parties, and many other unique and customizable events for you to have here at Hoover Tactical Firearms. We can also rent out our Indoor Ranges for your private event!

Please Fill Out the Form Below to Let Us Know More About Your Upcoming Event!
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