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3-D Archery Range & Shop

Welcome to our Archery Shop! Here we offer full services to all types of bows and crossbows from recurves to compounds. We also offer arrows and bolts and a full line of accessories for every platform. Whether it is hunting or competitive archery, we guarantee we have everything you need and if not, please let our friendly staff help you find what you need!
Variety of Arrows — Archery in Hoover, AL
Archery Shop — Archery in Hoover, AL
Archery Crosshair — Archery in Hoover, AL
Crossbow Gallery — Archery in Hoover, AL
Crossbows Arrows — Archery in Hoover, AL
Archery Gallery Shop — Archery in Hoover, AL
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Variety of Crossbows Types — Archery in Hoover, AL
We carry all major brands for the archery enthusiast and we only use the highest quality fibers, strings and materials when servicing our customers' equipment. Our seasoned staff in the archery shop has many years of experience in this sport and would love to share all of that knowledge and experience with you through servicing your equipment and setting you up on our indoor archery range today!

Ask about our Crocker's Custom Stringing services!


Here in our Archery Range we have 7 lanes, including 1 elevated lane, across a 50 yard range for multiple archers to enjoy all at once. Each of the 7 lanes on our 3D range has 3 targets on it at various distances which makes this the perfect range to train for tournaments at!

If you have any questions or safety concerns at all please don't hesitate to ask one of our friendly range shop employees or the range officer while on the range!
Right alongside our 3D range we have a 25 yard Dot Range that is especially useful for beginners or testing out a new setup.

Dot-Range time: $10/hr
Tournament-Range Time: $15/rnd (2nd rnd $10)
Private Instruction: $35/hr



Arrows Hit the Paper Target — Archery in Hoover, AL
Statue of Animal in Archery Range — Archery in Hoover, AL
Man Pulling the Crossbow — Archery in Hoover, AL
Archery Range Setup — Archery in Hoover, AL
An Animal Statue in Archery Range — Archery in Hoover, AL